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50th to 56th Ancestor Liberation Ceremony

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작성일2002-03-01 Hit7,463


The 50th to 56th Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, Father’s and Mother’s Side

The 50th to 56th Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, Father and Mothers Side


The 50th to 56th Ancestor Liberation Ceremony on the father and mothers side will be held starting from March, 2002.


The ancestor liberation ceremony is the process of putting our blood lineage in order; that is transforming it to a lineage of goodness.  Dae Mo Nim said, Therefore, whose lineage is yours after you complete your ancestor liberation ceremony? It will become Gods lineage.  After you finish your ancestor liberation ceremony, you should not say, I am from the Kim clan.  You should say that you are from Gods lineage.  We are all from Gods lineage.  I hope you realize that this is the kind of ancestor liberation ceremony that can come about.


Also, when we are performing the ancestor liberation ceremony, you should remember that you are doing it backwards. Dae Mo Nim said:


Dear members, I am thankful to you all who came here.  The reason why is that when you perform the ancestor liberation ceremony, I see your ancestors crying.  Therefore, who is the father of the 42nd is the 43rd ancestor.  We are conducting the ancestor liberation ceremony backwards.  We should liberate the father first and then the son. But because True Parents love us, we are doing the liberation starting from the parents of us and then the grandparents of us.  (Our parents become the 1st ancestor and our grandparents become the 2nd ancestor and so on.)  However, the ancestor liberation ceremony should have been performed starting with Adam and Eve becoming the 1st ancestor and then doing the 2nd and 3rd .


It is advisable to register for the ancestor liberation ceremony early. Then, it is possible to find the ancestor early and put them on stand by before they are liberated. You should not forget how grateful you should be for the ancestor liberation ceremony. After performing the ancestor liberation ceremony many miracles have occurred.  Dae Mo Nim said: 


In the history of Cheongpyeong, you dont know how grateful you should be for doing the ancestor liberation ceremony.  Among your ancestors, there are some who killed people.  These people that were killed have a lot of han. That kind of act is being put in order as well as acts such as stealing, illicit sexual acts and acts of hot temper.  Through the ancestor liberation ceremony, these histories are being straightened out.


Please come as soon as possible and experience the work of the Cheon Il Guk age directly for yourselves.  Do not forget to make proper conditions before coming to the ancestor liberation ceremony.  You should do 50 bows for 21 days or morning fast for 21 days before doing your ancestor liberation. 


The 50th to 56th generation ancestor liberation ceremony will be held until July, 2002.