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Changes in 40-Day Workshop

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Changes in the 40-Day Workshop

Changes in the 40-Day Workshop


Starting from the 72nd 40-Day Workshop, May 24th to July 2nd, 2003, workshop participants will be able to receive the benefits provided by the Cheongshim Hospital.  (Please inquire at telephone number, 82-31-589-7191, for more details) 


1.                   Therefore, there has been an increase in the workshop fee to 600,000 won or 500.00 US dollars at the current 1200 won per dollar exchange rate.


2                    Also, when 40-day workshop participants want to liberate or blessed their ancestors or relatives, they need to register by 5 pm at the Korean/International Office on the first day of the 2-day workshop with a 25,000 won registration fee. 



What to Bring:


Hoondok Materials:

1) Exposition of the Divine Principle, three-colored version
2) Father’s Prayer
3) Blessed Family and Ideal Kingdom, Vol. I
4) Earthly Life and Spirit World, Vol. I & II


Holy song book, long and thin sweatpants or athletic pants , sneakers or hiking boots, outdoor slippers, white T-shirts (5), toiletry, personal medication, umbrella, raingear, FM radio, one passport-size picture, donation for grateful offering



Points to be aware of


1)       You need to wear a white-colored shirt during holy song sessions and when you pray at the Jeongshimwon Prayer Hall

2)       Pregnant women are encouraged to attend the workshop during the 5th to 7th month of pregnancy for safety purposes.

3)       Members with serious spiritual problems need to get a prior consent with the training center staff before coming (Tel: 82-31-589-7191 or 7192)