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Midweek 2-Day Workshops

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작성일2003-04-17 Hit7,769


Midweek 2-Day Workshops at Cheongpyeong

Midweek 2-Day Workshops at Cheongpyeong




For those who could not come to the 2-day workshops during the weekend, there will be midweek 2-day workshops, in which you can do the ancestral liberation.  However, the ancestor blessing is still scheduled to be held only on the 3rd weekend 2-day workshop of each month.  Here is the midweek workshop schedule for May and June.



May 2003

5/07 (Wed) ~ 5/08 (Thur)

Up to 70th Generation

5/28 (Wed) ~ 5/29 (Thur)


June 2003

6/11 (Wed) ~ 6/12 (Thur)

Up to 77th Generation

6/25 (Wed) ~ 6/26 (Thur)




Note:  We request that you make a reservation by fax or email:

           Fax:          82-31-584-4336

         Email:         cpwe_office@cheongshim.com