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DMN's Urges 2nd Gen. for 40 Day Workshop This Sum.

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작성일2003-05-31 Hit15,091


Dae Mo Nim's Request for 2nd Generation to Attend 40-Day Workshop This Summer

Dae Mo Nims Request for 2nd Generation to Attend 40-Day Workshop This Summer










True Father said, 2nd generation are flower among flowers, life among life and love among love.


In the Cheon Il Gook age, we must live with the understanding of the spirit world.


2nd generation need to reconnect all that Adam and Eve had messed up. Therefore, all 2nd generation without except need to come and attend the Cheongpyeong 40-day workshop and have spiritual experiences.  And if they attend the 40-day workshop and dont have any spiritual experiences and do not separate themselves (from Satan), they need to prolong going to school or to work and stay for at least 120 days.  And if they dont attend the workshops at Cheongpyeong, then they cannot receive the Blessing.


All blessed couples need to attend the Cheongpyeong 40-day workshop atleast three times.


From these words from True Father, we can understand how important it is for 2nd generation to attend the 40-day workshop, so that they can indemnify the sins of their ancestors, which appears in the form of the fallen natures of ourselves as well as in form of diseases and pains. 


Dae Mo Nim, said that originally, the 1st generation needed to  indemnify all the sins of their ancestors, so that the resentful and evil spirits would not invade the 2nd generation.  But the reality is that this did not happen, and these resentful spirits are in the 2nd and 3rd generations.  


The 2nd generation were to be born free from diseases and sickness, but unfortunately there are 2nd and 3rd generation who have been born with serious maladies such as autism and physical disabilities, and many 2nd generation have had serious mental illnesses. 


When Dae Mo Nim sees many 2nd generation matched couples for this Blessing, she does not see a good fate for the future couples.  Dae Mo Nim said that by coming to Cheongpyeong and separating from the sins of the past and present, the fate of these 2nd generation couples can be altered for the better.  In some cases, Dae Mo Nim can foresee a third or fourth generation being born with serious disabilities. 


With this in mind, Dae Mo Nim urges all 2nd generation, especially those who plan to be blessed, to come and attend the 40-day workshop before the Blessing.




                    72nd 40-Day Workshop:  5.24.  to  7.02

                    73rd 40-Day Workshop:  7.05   to  8.13

                    74th 40-Day Workshop:  8.16   to  9.02


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It is recommended that members come within the first 15 days of the starting date of the workshop, but still members can join the 40-day workshop at any time of the year, since the 40-day workshops continue non-stop throughout the years.