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Updated--Special Grace:100th-101st 40-Day Wksps

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Additional Information concerning the Special Grace to Commemorate the

Updated 1/1/2006: Time Period for grace extended until end of 101st 40-day workshop (1/11/2006)

Additional Information concerning the Special Grace to
Commemorate the 100th-101st
Cheongpyeong 40-Day Workshops

젨?/span>True Parents, during their world tour, called Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim to Switzerland this past November. They were very happy about the report they received from Dae Mo Nim on the Special Grace to Commemorate the 100th Cheongpyeong 40-Day Workshop and gave special grace for the benefits of the 100th Cheongpyeong 40-Day workshop to continue.

젨잻ae Mo Nim told the trainees that 뱋n the foundation of the 100th workshop, there will be even greater grace during the 101st workshop?and that the 100th and 101st workshop participant name lists would be remembered eternally in the spirit world.

젨쟕his will be a time period of special grace through which all blessed families can separate from the sin of our minds and bodies and be reborn. Please make this known so that many members can participate.

1. Time Period of Grace: December 3 (Sat), 2005 - January 11 (Wed), 2006

* By participating in the 40-day workshop, 2-day workshop, or any desired amount of time during this time period, the strong and han-filled [resentment-filled] spirits that make our lives difficult though disease, family problems, etc., will be removed through the work of multitudes of absolute good spirits and angels. Please refer to ?. Special Grace?below for more details.

2. Participants: All Members

3. Special Grace

1) Special Prayer Sessions

There will be 2 special prayer sessions (time for special separation of spirits) (Dates undecided)

2) Grace of Being Able to Pray in Dae Mo Nim뭩 Prayer Room

There will be the grace being able to go into Dae Mo Nim뭩 prayer room 2 times to specially offer prayers. (Dates undecided)

3) Grace of Special Separation of Spirits for People Suffering From Infertility and Psychological Disorders

There will be the grace of special separation of spirits during the holy song sessions, at the time for separation of spirits from the whole body, for those suffering from infertility, psychological disorders, and other incurable diseases.

4) Works of the Medical Angels

Among the medical angels at Cheongshim Hospital, only some will remain at the hospital and the rest of the medical angels will work with the trainees during the 40-day period to bring about big miracles.

5) During the 100th-101st 40-day workshops (21st-22nd 40-day workshop for blessed wives) only, it will be possible to participate with young children.

Note 1) Of the grace mentioned above, members who participate in the 2-day workshop during this time period can receive the grace noted in items 3) and 4). Items 1) and 2) are limited to 40-day trainees and long-term trainees.

Note 2) People with psychological disorders or incurable diseases must as general rule be accompanied by a caretaker and that they participate while admitted into Cheongshim Hospital. Please contact the International Office (82-31-589-7188) for further inquiries.

Note 3)쟕hose who have a physical malady must be sure to bring a form with their doctor뭩 diagnosis.

Note 4)쟕hose who want to participate with a child that is 1 year old or younger must first consult with the International Office.

Note 5)쟑lease bring your credit card with you because, in case you get sick, you can use it to receive treatment at Cheongshim Hospital.

4. Workshop Participation Fee

1) 40-day workshop (December 3 - January 11): 600,000 won (approximately US$600)

* During this workshop only, it will be possible to participate starting from any time during the workshop until January 11 (Wed), 2006. (For the 22nd Cheongpyeong 40-Day Special Workshop for Blessed Wives, however, it is possible to start participation from any time until December 17 (Sat).

* Please refer to the official memo with information concerning the 101st Cheongpyeong 40-Day Workshop and the 22nd Cheongpyeong 40-day Workshop for Blessed Wives for more details.

2) 2-day Workshop

* Adults (25,000 won), 7-12 years old (15,000 won), 6 years old and under (2,000 won)

* Please refer to the Cheongpyeong Workshop Schedule for January 2006 for more details.

3) Long-term stay (per day): Adults (15,000 won), 7-12 years old (9,000 won), 3-6 years old (6,500 won), 2 years old and under (4,000 won)

* If participating in the ancestor liberation or ancestor blessing ceremonies, you will need to prepare the ancestor liberation or ancestor blessing donations separately.


5. Further Inquiries

Telephone: 82-31-589-7188, 7134 (English, Korean)

Fax: 82-31-584-4336

Email: cpintl_office@yahoo.com