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12th 8-DayWorkshop

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작성일2003-04-09 Hit10,179



The 12th Special 8-Day Workshop for Worldwide Registered Blessed Husbands


Under True Parents blessing that "[a]s we approach the Age of the 4th Adam, all blessed husbands should inherit True Parents providential heavenly fortune of changing from the age of mother and son cooperation to the age of father and son cooperation through the special 8 day workshop," we are about to open up for the 12th worldwide registered blessed husbands workshop.  Through the 8-day workshop, we hope all registered blessed husbands can be reborn and inherit heavenly fortune, which you can share with others.  Please remind and guide all the members as follows.


1. Period

May 26th, 2003 (Monday) ~ June 2nd, 2003 (Monday)

2. Candidates

All blessed husbands who missed their turn in the previous workshops

3. Place

Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center

4. Workshop Fee

$500.00 USD

5. Materials to

be prepared

Hoondok books: 

1.      Exposition of the Divine Principle *

2.      Essentials of Unification Thought * 


White T-shirts, FM radio, comfortable pants for singing sessions, any necessary medicine, shoe bag, slippers, suit, etc

* You can buy these books at the store in Cheongpyeong Training Center.

6. Note

1. You need to wear white T-shirts during holy song sessions

2. 8-day workshop participants have the privledge to liberate their ancestors from the 1st to 70th generation, on the fathers and mothers sides. 8-day workshop participants have to register for ancestor liberation on the Saturday of the ongoing weekend 2-day workshops.  The registration fee for liberating one set of seven generations of ancestors is 25,000 won (currently $22) in addition to the liberation donation. 


Further inquiries

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E-mail                    :  cpwe_office@cheongshim.com

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